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Precision Single-Point Cut Rifled Barrels

Industry-leaders in quality and precision. We are on the cutting edge of  barrel technology.


Custom barrels made for you.

Choose a Contour

We organize our barrels by contour so you can easily find which barrel you need.

Custom Specifications

Tell us what specifications you need for your barrel from barrel length to the material.

Ship Your Barrel

After you call to order, we will get to work! Our current lead time is 6-12 months.


A little bit about us.

As a team we pride ourselves on our quality of work and products. We strive to be the best in the firearms industry and a world class manufacturer. We have taken Single Point Cut Rifling into the 21st Century.

Sunset in the Forest

Have questions?

If you have any questions about buying your barrel, please reach out to our team of experts! They are available 7am - 4pm CST Monday through Friday.

You can give us a call at 262-677-1717.

If you have a hard time getting through, please send us an email using the form below.

Brian Harder breaking service national record with a Bartlein Barrel

Brian Harder

Wanted to let you know that I set another service national record with my current Bartlein. It is for 20 shots @ 1000 yards, I shot a 200-9X. Thank you for making such great, consistent barrels. That makes two Bartleins in a row that I’ve had on my rifle that have broken national records!

Bartlein Barrels Testimonial_John Widden

John Whidden

The barrel on the Palma rifle is the best Palma gun I’ve ever had.

Your barrels are getting better and better. If they improve more I’m not even sure if I can shoot well enough to tell!

Bartlein Barrels Testimonial_Shirley McG

Shirley McGee

I switched to your barrels and won’t go back! I won the Remington Band of Brothers Match at the nationals at Camp Atterbury this past summer with your barrel chambered in 6SLR.

You're in good company. Just ask these loyal customers.

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