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Why is Fluting a Barrel Important?


Fluting a barrel will take weight out of the barrel because you are removing material from the barrel without changing the contour.

Barrel Cooling

Fluting a barrel creates more surface area on the barrel. The greater the suraface are the more heat can escape.


Fluting a barrel adds a unique look to the barrel and many of our customers love it. Some of them will add fluting to their barrel purely for the look of it.

Questions about Fluting

Do we have a minimum depth for fluting?

You can flute the barrels too deep. This in our opinion can cause harmonic/vibration issues which in turn can lead to accuracy issues. While browsing for you barrel, if you are unable to add fluting, that means the contour is to shallow.

Does fluting make the barrel stiffer?

The first question is, how are you measuring stiffness? In general, if you compare two identical contour barrels and flute one, the fluted barrel isn’t as stiff. 

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