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Brian Harder breaking service national record with a Bartlein Barrel

Brian Harder

"Wanted to let you know that I set another service national record with my current Bartlein. It is for 20 shots @ 1000 yards, I shot a 200-9X. Thank you for making such great, consistent barrels. That makes two Bartleins in a row that I’ve had on my rifle that have broken national records!"

Bartlein Barrels Testimonial_John Widden

John Whidden

"The barrel on the Palma rifle is the best Palma gun I’ve ever had.

Your barrels are getting better and better. If they improve more I’m not even sure if I can shoot well enough to tell!"

Bartlein Barrels Testimonial_Shirley McG

Shirley McGee

"I switched to your barrels and won’t go back! I won the Remington Band of Brothers Match at the nationals at Camp Atterbury this past summer with your barrel chambered in 6SLR."

Bartlein Barrels Testimonial_John-Meyers

John Meyers

"I have two more Bartlein 30 cal barrels being built and can’t wait to start testing them. Thank you for building the best barrels!"

Bartlein Barrels Testimonial_Ray Gross.j

Ray Gross

"This is been a good summer for me, I did very well up in Canada with my Palma rifle. That’s one of your barrels too and I’ve got over 3000 rounds on it and managed to shoot a couple of perfect, all ‘V’ scores up there as well."

Bartlein Barrels Testimonial Ian Klemm.j

Ian Klemm

"Last winter, you guys made and sold me a simple 4-groove, 11-twist, .300/.308 barrel that did this:

- Berger SWN Midrange Champion and National Record

- Berger SWN Team Champion and National Record Holder

- World Champion"

Bartlein Barrels Testimonial wes_rychen.

Wes Rychen

 "I ran 30.6 Varget, cci 450, Barts 105 RBT touching lands, I don’t know if it gets any better than this.
Thanks for a damn great rifle."

Bartlein Barrels Testimonial Greg_young.

Greg Young

"The photo I sent you was one of your 6mm/7.7tw 4G barrels, I chambered it in 6XC and that was a 3 shot group at 1K .5″ vertical, 2.95 horizontal load verified at 400Y .9″, 600Y 1.8″ and 1000Y 2.95"

Bartlein Barrels Testimonial australian-

Australian F Open Team

"You will be proud to know that everyone was running Bartlein Barrels and they performed flawlessly, and Rod Davies from Australia, won the Individual World Championships as well, using a Bartlein Barrel."

bartlein barrels testimonial ken-klemm.j

Ken Klemm

 "I was especially pleased because I have been using a Bartlein barrel on my FTR rifle for this entire season. Your excellent product helped me win this year’s Wisconsin Mid Range Championship, Wisconsin Long Range Championship as an Expert and the Mid West Palma Match as an Expert."


John Campbell

"Thank you and every one at your works. I just put a new UK record in 1000 yard bench rest with 10 shot small group 6.496 . And a 40 shot agg group size 9.242. Once again thank you for the barrels. I was using the 195 berger in WSM . at 2920 fps."


Emily Nettesheim

Emily Nettesheim just competed at Lodi, WI at the Mid West Palma Championships. She took High Junior, High Woman and the Marksman Class. Congratulations Emily!

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